Dilijan Series in Armenia, June 10-17, 2012

presented by the

Perspectives XXI International Music Festival, Stepan Rostomyan, Director

June 10, 2012

Khachaturian Clarinet Trio
Mansurian String Trio (Dilijan commission)
Prokofiev Sonata for Two Violin
Mozart Clarinet Quintet

Kashkashian, De Saram, Pogossian, Manouelian, Zukovsky, Avanesov

June 11, 2012

(Concert in Dilijan)

Kodaly Serenade
Israelian Trio (Dilijan commission)
Arutunian song cycle
Mozart Clarinet Quintet

Kashkashian, de Saram, Pogossian, Manouelian, Avanesov, Zukovsky, Barsoumian

June 12, 2012

Berio Sequenza for solo voice
Paolo Cavallone Canti Lirici for voice and violin (Dilijan commission)
Kodaly Serenade
Miyuki Ito Floating Memories for violin and percussion (Dilijan commission)
Mozart Piano Quartet in g minor, KV 478

Tony Arnold, Kashkashian, de Saram, Kuniko Kato, Pogossian, Manouelian, Sutre

June 13, 2012

Steel Drum Works
(outdoors show)

Kuniko Kato, percussion

June 14, 2012

Saint Saens Duo for violin and harp
Chausson Chanson Perpetuelle
Mansurian Canti Paralelli
Sharafyan Serenade with a Dandelion (Dilijan commission)
Dvorak String Quintet, Op.77

Sutre, Kim, Barsoumian, Sutre, Pogossian, Manouelian, Parmeter, O'Neill, Avanesov, Lysy

June 15, 2012

Haladjian "the rest is silence" (Dilijan commission)
Zohrabian Novelette (Dilijan commission)
Avanesov Im Luys (Dilijan commission)
Komitas violin/percussion
Kuniko Kato solo percussion - Xenakis, Donatoni
Crumb Madrigals

Arnold, Kato, Zukovsky, Manouelian, Sutre, Lysy, Avanesov, Kim, Parmeter

June 16, 2012

Artashes Kartalyan String Quartet (Dilijan commission)
Ian Krouse Nocturnes (Dilijan commission)
Ashot Kartalyan Piano Trio (Dilijan commission)
Brahms Sextet No. 1 in B flat Major

Chernov, Sutre, Manouelian, Pogossian, Avanesov, Threnody Quartet, Parmeter, Krouse, O'Neill, de Saram, Lysy

June 17, 2012

Rostomyan Tagh of Angels (Dilijan commission)
Stravinsky L'Histoire du Soldat
Crumb Black Angels electric string quartet
Shostakovich Suite on Verses of Michelangelo for baritone and piano
Shostakovich Preludio and Scherzo for string octet

Chernov, Arnold, Zukovsky, Pogossian, Manouelian, Sutre, Lysy, O'Neill, Threnody Quartet, Parmeter

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